Galaxy Watch 4: Everything we’ve known about it so far

According to some rumours, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is possibly going to be the next big smartwatch from Samsung, we’re not totally sure about that, as the Galaxy Watch Active 4 could be next – or they could come together.

The latest news suggests Samsung’s two wearable lines, which have previously alternated in release, could launch together in 2021 with big differences to make sure the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch Active 4 are sufficiently different.

In fact there’s now talk that the Watch Active 4 is actually the Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 was announced on August 21 of 2020. There wasn’t a Galaxy Watch 2, but the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 was announced on August 5 of 2019, and the original Samsung Galaxy Watch was unveiled on August 9 of 2018.

With all that in head you will think that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will be announced in August of this year. However, the latest leaks to hit the web suggest it’ll be in the second quarter of 2021, so April, May or June.

One big Galaxy Watch 4 leak is that it might run Wear OS rather than Tizen. That comes from a leaker who claims that Samsung’s “new watch” will switch to Android.

That rumor has been backed up by a second leak, which suggested the lack of a Tizen app store was the reason Samsung was ditching it.

Definitely, even if they’re right they don’t mention the Galaxy Watch 4 by name – it’s possible that the new watch in question could be a new Galaxy Watch Active model.


Whereas, there’s growing evidence that some Samsung smartwatch will run Wear OS, as mention of a device codenamed ‘Merlot’ has also been spotted alongside the words Wear OS in Samsung source code.

SamMobile has also said the Galaxy Watch 4 will run Wear OS, but added that it will be overlaid with a new version of Samsung’s One UI, leading to an interface that looks similar to the one on previous models, despite the operating system change.