Samsung’s new folding screen mobile phone patent exposure

In recent years, folding screen mobile phones in the mobile phone market have gradually been accepted by consumers, but although many manufacturers have launched folding screen mobile phones, the folding methods are not only horizontal folding, but also vertical folding, with few exceptions.

However, Samsung seems to intend to break this deadlock. Recently, according to Canalys, Samsung has applied for a patent for a new folding screen mobile phone solution. Judging from the renderings made by Jermaine Smit, the entire phone looks like a “circle” dart”.


Judging from the patent content, when the mobile phone is fully folded, it is not much different from the appearance of ordinary mobile phones, and when the mobile phone is opened, the screen can be extended to the left, allowing an extra screen to appear, which is very sci-fi.

It is reported that a clever hinge is built into the side of the frame of the scheme, and if the screen is accidentally bent too far, the hinge will not easily break. In addition, the screen uses UTG ultra-thin glass, and three magnetic stickers prevent the flip display from loosening from the back.

Although it looks very cool, it is difficult to imagine practical application scenarios, but not all patents will actually be applied to the final product.