You should know the must-read guide about New iPad Pro 2021

The iPad pro 2021’s upgrade

Regarding the M1 chip, it improves performance by 50%

Compared with the minor upgrades of the 2018 and 2020 models, the 2021 model has a big upgrade this time. It directly uses the M1 processor of the same Apple MacBook Pro notebook.

Its performance is 50% higher than the 2020 iPad, and its graphics processing is 40% faster than the 2020 iPad, and it is even much stronger than most notebooks.

Cutting 4K video and rendering graphics with iPad pro 2021 can also be done easily.

XDR level mini-LED technology screen

The 12.9-inch version is a new XDR screen.

It has higher brightness and contrast, richer colors, deeper blacks, and the 120Hz refresh rate that makes the picture smoother is also retained

If you want to use iPad to cut video/hand-painted/retouch and color, this is really suitable~

It has the same XDR display as the Pro Display XDR display. You can enjoy very clear picture quality directly on the iPad Pro 2021.

Powerful camera function


12 million ➕ 10 million dual cameras, it supports the third generation of smart HDR shooting


12 million ultra-wide-angle camera, it has a new person tracking function:

Other aspects: the memory is upgraded to 2T; it provides a 5G network version; the interface supports Thunder 4, the fastest transmission speed is up to 40Gb per second