Google expects to build Android TV remote control function for Android phones

For a long time, Android TV users must install the outdated Remote Control App in the Play Store if they want to operate the TV through their mobile phones.

Now Google is finally willing to offer a more advanced solution.

In the recent Google I/O, the official decision was to add built-in Android TV control capabilities to the Android system.

In the future, users will be able to use the touch screen of an Android phone as a remote control to perform various operations on the connected Android TV, including tapping, sliding, turning on and off and adjusting the volume.

The existing Android TV Remote Control App can be said to be quite outdated.

Not only is it not built into the phone, even the screenshots of the store’s screen look still in the design style several generations ago, and there is no Google Assistant button to call out the voice assistant.

There are several advantages to operating a smart TV through a mobile phone.

For example, it can become faster when entering text, and it can also directly call voice search, switch signal sources, and put content, etc., which is more convenient than a remote control with limited buttons.

It’s just that Google now thinks of the built-in TV control function for Android phones, which is still much slower than Apple.

After all, no matter iPhone or iPad, it has been able to control Apple TV set-top box without hindrance, and the function is not much different from the upcoming version of Android.

In any case, Google’s integration of Android phones and TVs will definitely add points to the ecosystem, and it will be even more powerful to use with the latest Chromecast with Google TV. It depends on when the official launches this feature.