Google Pixel 6 has been exposed to a new bug: The unfamiliar fingerprints can also unlock the phone

Previously, Google Pixel 6 users complained that the fingerprint reader in their mobile phone had poor performance and slow recognition speed.

It was reported yesterday that Google blamed this on the fingerprint sensor “using enhanced security algorithms” to add some extra protection, which is the reason for the delay in recognition or the need for more direct contact with the sensor.

But now the Reddit forum shows that at least four of the Pixel 6 users complained that unfamiliar fingerprints can also use the fingerprint sensor to unlock their Pixel 6 smartphones, which makes Google’s previous explanation of using a more secure algorithm seem very embarrassing.

A Reddit user reported in the Google Pixel community that his Pixel 6 can be unlocked by his wife’s index finger, even though the only fingerprint registered on the phone is his own thumb.


Most comments expressed shock or offered possible theories, suggesting that the problem may not be too common. Some users in the comments also reported the same problem on their own devices, with varying severity. There is also a video in the post that shows the problem.

The original poster used the Omotion screen protector, which may affect the reliability of Pixel 6 fingerprint recognition.

But one of the commenters mentioned that his phone does not have a screen protector, but this problem still exists. It seems that removing fingerprints from the phone and re-registering can solve some people’s problems.

As of press time, Google officials have not yet responded to this.