Google Pixel Buds A: Google’s cheaper buds, you deserve to have!

Recently, Google has launched a few sets of headphones. The Google Pixel Buds were its first foray into the true-wireless space, though. Those are some great headphones, but they have a high price to match their high quality. Well, at present, the company introduced a cheaper version known as the Google Pixel Buds A.

The “A” name matches up with the nomenclature it uses for its budget-oriented smartphones, such as the Google Pixel 4a. As one would expect, the Pixel Buds A look a lot like the main Pixel Buds but cut out some features to get the price down.


Google Pixel Buds A look identical to the second-gen Pixel Buds. In fact, they are identical, save for the new Dark Olive color option offered with the A-series model. The part that rests in your ear is also no longer black but the same color as the buds themselves.

The lack of design changes means you get the same touch-sensitive surfaces that allow you to single-, double-, or triple-tap for various actions. You can also long-press to activate Google Assistant, which will accept voice commands through the buds and then transmit them to your connected smartphone.

Same sound quality with some features removed, some added

If your main concern is sound quality, you’ll be happy to know the Pixel Buds A should sound just as good as the Pixel Buds. Both models have the same 12mm dynamic speaker drivers with two beam-forming microphones. There’s even the same vent to allow outside noise to flow through and prevent that “swimmers ear” feeling.


The Adaptive Sound feature of the main Pixel Buds is also supported. This automatically alters the music volume depending on the noise level of your environment. There are also bass boost features for that extra oomph.

Pricing and availability


The regular Pixel Buds are $179, which is not cheap. Thankfully, the Google Pixel Buds A are much more affordable at $99 / £99 / €99. They come in two colors: the classic Clearly White and the new Dark Olive.