Google Pixel Fold is exposed: it is equipped with Google’s self-developed chip Tensor

According to media reports, Android 12 Beta 4 has been officially launched.

In the Android 12 Beta 4 Google Camera app, the developer found four devices, codenamed Oriole, Raven, Passport, Slider.

Among them, Oriole and Raven are Google’s new Pixel 6 series to be released this fall, corresponding to Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

The Passport is said to be a new Google folding screen, which may be named Google Pixel Fold. It is rumored that this folding screen phone will be released this fall.

According to reports, Google Pixel Fold and Google Pixel 6 series are equipped with Google’s custom chip Tensor.

And Google Pixel Fold will be equipped with the camera system of Google Pixel 6, which means that Google Pixel Fold will have good imaging performance.

Before Google confirmed that Google will release the Pixel 6 series this fall, this conference does not rule out the possibility of releasing Google Pixel Fold folding screen phones.

The main information about the Google Pixel foldable phone comes from a report which claims that Google has ordered foldable OLED panels of around 7.6 inches from Samsung Display – a claim that we’ve now heard multiple times.

That’s the same size as the main screen on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, and big enough that the Pixel foldable could have the same form factor as the Galaxy one – that is, a typical phone-sized screen when shut, but opening out like a book to reveal a more tablet-sized display. That said, we can’t rule out it having a clamshell design like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Code spotted in an Android 12 beta suggests that the Google Pixel Fold will have the same modem as the Pixel 6 range. That suggests – but by no means guarantees – that it will also have the same chipset, which is confirmed in the case of the Pixel 6 to be the new Google Tensor.

Given that this chipset seems designed to make the most of the new cameras on the Pixel 6 range, that could additionally mean the same cameras will be used too, but we’re not at all certain of that. If it does have those cameras, then you can expect either a dual-lens or triple-lens setup, with main, ultra-wide and possibly also telephoto (4x optical zoom) snappers.

Beyond that we don’t know anything about the specs of the Google Pixel foldable phone, but we can speculate a little. For one thing, it will probably run Android 12, but will certainly run whatever the latest Android version is at the time of its launch.

Going by the standard Pixel range, it will probably also have decent cameras, but perhaps fewer lenses than rival phones. We’d also expect the company’s foldable will support 5G.