Google restricts the ability of Android apps to view installed apps on the device

Google has released a new policy to restrict the ability of Android apps to view other apps already installed on the device.
It is written in the developer plan policy, which will be implemented and updated on May 5, that access to QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permissions will be restricted, that is, other installed apps on the device can be viewed on Android 11 or newer systems.

Google Play treats the list of installed applications on the device as personal and confidential information.
The QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission must not be used unless the application needs to have wide-range browsing permissions of the installed application on the user’s device in order to provide the user with core functions or purposes.

So what app is suitable for the permitted purpose? Google lists device search capabilities, anti-virus applications, file management tools, and browsers. At the same time, if the developer believes that his “application only obtains less intrusive application browsing permissions, it will not be able to provide users with core functions that meet the policy requirements, they must be able to fully explain the reason.

This policy update is to prevent devices from being tracked by malicious programs and advertisers.
At the same time, it also inherited the situation that Google used to prevent the abuse of personal information by Android apps in 2018. At that time, it restricted the permission to view communication records and SMS content.
Later, Google said that it found that in the Play Store, apps with access to relevant permissions have dropped by as much as 98%.