Google will allow Android mobile apps to cast screens on Chromebooks

Thanks to the joint efforts of Samsung and Microsoft, Samsung phones can run Android App functions on Windows 10.

You only need to install the latest version of Your Phone computer version, and then need to have a designated Samsung mobile phone, users can directly run the Android App on the desktop/Notebook just like a native application.

Recently, some media broke the news that Google has decided to allow Android users to cast their phones directly on the Chromebook on the upcoming Chrome OS Phone Hub.

Android and Chrome OS are both made by Google, and you might think that it can easily communicate with each other between the two systems.


But unfortunately, as a technology giant, Google has a clear division of labor internally, so there is not much communication between the two departments.

In recent years, Google has also realized that there should be more interoperability between these two operating systems, and has been bridging the gap between its two platforms and increasing mutual exchanges.

According to foreign media XDA, a new discovery has been made in the latest version of Google Play Service, which has added a few lines of characters: “Stream apps to your Chromebook”.

It’s not hard to guess from the name, this is a feature that enables Android apps to project directly onto the Chromebook.


At present, this function is still in the testing stage and has not been officially put into use. According to the news, this feature will likely be applied in the upcoming Chrome OS Phone Hub.

For better integration between mobile devices and computers, Microsoft and Google are constantly exploring new features.

I believe that in the near future, users can run multiple Android apps on the PC as if they were PC apps.