Grab the tail of the video age and my Vlog gear upgrade

As a graphic writer, I feel abandoned by the Times recently. All the major websites are mainly promoting videos or short videos, and even friends around me are showing a higher acceptance of video content.This also reflects that nowadays people are more accustomed to receiving fragmented information and their ability to read text is declining. But in order to keep up with the pace of the Times, I have acquired a lot of equipment, at the same time, also in the continuous learning shooting video, today I would like to give you a little equipment sharing. 

Nikon Z6



Nikon Z6 was released in the middle of 2018, which was enough for me. Compared with the previous D800, focusing and video shooting performance has been improved a lot. In terms of operation, Nikon users did not have much learning cost, so they could adapt to it quickly.



Nikon Nikkor 14-30/4 S



The Z bayonet ultra wide angle lens is brimming with sincerity, although the largest aperture is only F4, but the wide end reached 14 mm, the front plane camera lens group is convenient to install filter, the filter size can be 82 mm, while maintaining the volume and weight is very light and it is also because it uses the heavy trunk of telescopic design, every time when shooting you need to rotate out of the lens.

YC ONION RGB fill-in light




The integral function buttons of the supplementary light are arranged on one side of the light body. The switch key can switch on and off the preset light, and the multi-function knob can adjust the color and temperature.Type-c interface not only brings more convenient charging, but also provides uninterrupted power use. The 2000mAh lithium battery is hidden under the small body, and the maximum brightness can provide as long as 2 hours of battery life, while the minimum brightness can provide 12 hours, so as to cope with all kinds of shooting with ease.









Videomic Rycote is a microphone that I bought a long time ago. It could also be a basic model of rode entry-level. Compared with videomic Go, which has a lower level, it is much better in terms of sound and design.


It is equipped with a sponge defense cover, and the super heart-shaped direction has a very good radio effect in actual use without any noise.



RODE Videomic Rycote uses a slightly larger 9V battery design, where a single battery can provide more than 30 hours of battery life, and a replaceable battery is somewhat more convenient for the need for continuous operation.The microphone also filters out 80Hz low-frequency noise for clearer outdoor sounds. Overall, RODE Videomic Rycote is a very good entry-level microphone, which has very good radio quality in practice apart from being slightly larger in size and a little cumbersome to carry.