This is the non-stick pan I have been looking for

A good non-stick pan is non-stick whether you pour oil or not, so stop complaining about the oil. If you want to fry eggs, the eggs cannot be freshly taken out of the refrigerator. The temperature difference is too large, and the pan should be preheated to ensure that the bottom of the pan is evenly heated.

If you want to extend the service life of non-stick pans, you must master the correct method of use. You’d better use a wooden spatula or a silicone spatula. It is easy to scratch the coating with a metal spatula, and it will definitely damage the coating over time.

There are many kinds of non-stick pans. I still like this non-stick pan the most. It has natural mineral coating and has a health function. It is most suitable for my kind of foodie.

You can use a non-stick pan for frying, frying, and cooking. You can make a variety of foods with one pan. It is very suitable for novices in the kitchen and will not affect your enthusiasm for cooking