Let you see my ultimate kitchen for lazy people, maybe can offer you inspirations

It’s finally done! It took three months to build it with my own hands:

No stove, no fire, no lampblack, no fear of garbage sorting!

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Cooking robot: automatically add rice, add water, wash rice, cook rice. There is food to eat at the touch of a button on the mobile phone.

Drum cooking robot: automatic cooking!

Wall breaker with water tank: automatic cleaning!

Front water purifier and direct drinking water purifier and pipeline machine: automatically adjust the temperature to drink directly, no longer to boil water!

Sink dishwasher and garbage disposal: garbage disposal in the sink, dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

Steam oven: can be steamed and baked!

Toaster: a toaster that can make ice cream!

Classified knife boards: cut vegetables, cut meat, cut fish, cut cooked food, use different boards and different knives!

Tmall elf: Let you control family equipment by voice!

Boss range hood: Just a decoration! I bought it according to the nice appearance, because there is basically no lampblack!