Have you seen the hair dryer with essential oil?

I believe that many girls will have the same trouble, that is, spend time drying their hair after washing. Worse still, after drying the hair, the hair becomes drier and frizzy! This is likely to be caused by not choosing the right hair dryer. Even if you use a good and expensive hair care essence, if you don’t choose the right hair dryer, your hair will not be smooth! Today, I would like to recommend the popular hair dryer with essential oil, which can quickly dry your hair and also has a hair care effect.

This is a hair dryer from Efbe-Schott, Germany. Its founder established a factory to produce hair dryers in Germany in 1932. At that time, they innovatively introduced a hair dryer with adjustable cooling and heating modes, which made girls love it. In the 1950s, their hand-held hair dryer was hailed as a “symbol of the age” and was also permanently collected in a museum. Since then, they have also been developing more hair dryer models, cooperating with major brands such as Siemens and Babyliss, and their products are very popular all over the world. In 2020, they adopted the new fogging technology and launched a hair dryer that combines hair caring.
Since the hair dryer was produced, its appearance design is slightly bulky. But what modern people are beginning to pursue is lightness and convenience, so Efbe-Schott has used its years of accumulated professional manufacturing experience to redefine the design concept of hair dryers. They used innovative technology to customize the components, fully optimized the proportion of the hair dryer, and launched the i-type hair dryer with a weight of only 240g!
Efbe-Schott investigated women’s daily hair care behaviors and habits and found that traditional hair dryers cannot accurately dry and style the hair, and long-term use can cause sore hands. Therefore, when designing this hair dryer, their engineers used the position close to the fulcrum of the hand as the center of gravity to maintain balance. Based on the lightweight design, users can easily grasp the direction of the airflow.
This hair dryer also has a patented technology—Nyuair mist caring technology. This technology can be said to have broken the hairdressing and hair care order for many years, and it only takes 2 minutes to give you smooth hair. We all know that high-temperature drying of hair will cause irreversible structural changes to the hair, and this hair dryer adds the function of daily hair care, pushing the hair dryer to a new level. As long as you install an atomizing nozzle on the hair dryer, and lightly press the fog switch on the hair dryer, you can convert the hair repair essential oils into essential oil particles, allowing you to enjoy the delicate and advanced texture of the salon hair care treatment at home.
According to Efbe-Schott’s research, they found that the temperature for drying hair should not exceed 60°C. When the hair is at a winding temperature of 60°C, the hair scales will slightly expand, which is beneficial to blow away excess water. But at 80°C wind temperature, the hair scales will turn up and fall off. Efbe-Schott’s essential oil hair dryer has a constant temperature of 60°, allowing you to dry your hair without damaging it. It has 110,000 high-speed DC motors, which allow airflow to reach the scalp and let the hair dry quickly.
Traditional hair care essential oils have larger molecules and are heavy and greasy, making it difficult for hair to absorb. However, the essential oil that comes with the Efbe-Schott hair dryer is converted into micron-sized particles after Nyuair™ fogging technology, making it easier for hair to absorb. This essential oil is made by 12 formulators according to the Asian legal system. It contains small biological peptides Pro, Japanese Camellia extract, and so on, so that the nutrients can reach the core of the hair. After use, the hair is no longer knotted, frizzy, and smoother.