Hey, do not play games on your iPhone while it is charging any more

Apple’s latest smart phone iPhone 12 has been on the market on November 13, 2020, and it has only been about half a year, but recently some netizens posted on social networking sites saying that the battery health of the phone has not been used for a long time. This led to discussions among many netizens. And some 3C experts said that playing games while charging is actually very harmful to the phone battery.

Some netizens posted the battery health screen of their mobile phone, saying that it hadn’t been long since they had just bought iPhone 12, and in normal use, the battery has never been charged below 20%, but the health has dropped by 5%, which is very exaggerated! Many netizens also jumped out to share their battery health and their usual usage habits. However, looking at the whole string of discussions, it seems that no one’s battery health is below 95%, and most of them use it. Almost all battery health is around 100%.

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Netizens said in interviews that in recent years various manufacturers have promoted the same concept, “Don’t wait until the mobile phone is empty before charging.” This will greatly harm the lithium battery of the mobile phone, and try to avoid “charging the mobile phone overnight” or “Charging while playing games”, especially the matter of “charging while playing games”, can easily cause the phone battery to become hot and affect battery life.

Also, in the end, if you want to completely protect the battery of your mobile phone, netizens suggest that when charging, you should “connect the charger to the power supply first” and then “connect the transmission line to the mobile phone” to avoid damage to the mobile phone due to current.