Hey, fans of OnePlus! OnePlus will have the theme store for its phones

Hi friends, provided you have the OnePlus phone, you are able to go into Settings and alter a few aspects of the overall look and feel of the device.

This includes that changing wallpapers (obviously), icons, and even fonts. However, your choices are pretty limited and, in most cases, you need to alter each aspect individually.

Fortunately, that would change in the very near future. According to the official post made by the company on its forums, OnePlus themes manager known as the Theme Store is on the way.


It’s not years away, either — OnePlus contends it is coming with its “next major OS update.” That presumably means Android 12, which should launch in late Summer or early Autumn.

The trait is not ready for golden time. In fact, it is so early in the development phase that OnePlus is looking for help from the community to help build it.

And this enterprise would hold one of its Open Ears Forums on May 18, at which selected users can help give feedback on the in-development OnePlus theme manager.