Apple House Intelligence HomeKit is the best smart home system! No one can doubt!

Put the iPad on the wall as the master control, all Apple devices can control the home appliances.

It’s really convenient, and it’s very luxurious.

Highly recommended!

Now, I will make an introduction about how to build an Apple smart home

So..What is HomeKit?

HomeKit is a software framework for making smart home stuff work with iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch.

Companies making smart home products have to adhere to specific technical standards and support Apple’s HomeKit software interface and hardware guidelines in order to be HomeKit certified. Apple used to require a specific hardware security chip in HomeKit compatible devices, but announced a new software-based solution in 2017. This opens the door to many more supported products, and many existing products can add HomeKit support through a software update.


HomeKit can let you to set rooms, scenes, actions, and triggers to automate all your smart home gear. Want your phone to automatically detect your location and unlock the front door, turn on the downstairs lights, and start playing music when you get home from work?

Expect to lock the door and turn off all the lights at 11 p.m. every night? These are the scenarios HomeKit was made for.

Which smart home products work with HomeKit?
There are too many to list these brands all. Apple has a page listing all the smart home accessories supported by HomeKit. Popular brands include LIFX, Elgato, Honeywell, Hunter, August, Kwikset, and Logitech.

Maybe as important as the brands that have HomeKit-enabled products are those that do not. Of note, Nest does not support HomeKit with any of its products, nor does popular home security company ADT.

How does HomeKit work with Siri?

Here are just a few examples:

“Turn off the lights in the family room.”
“Set brightness to 55 percent.”
“Set the temperature to 68 degrees.”
”Did I lock the front door?”
”I’m home.”
“Turn on the fan in the office.”
“Set my reading scene.”
“Turn off the lights in the Chicago house.”
Some accessories will not work with Siri unless you unlock your phone, as a security measure. Door locks, for instance: You wouldn’t want someone who had stolen your phone to be able to say “Siri, unlock my front door” and get inside your house.

Details the Scenes and Automations?

The Scenes are groups of settings that control multiple accessories at once. This is especially useful with lights. You can set a scene called “Arrive Home” that unlocks the front door and turns on the lights in the living room and hall, for example. Then, with a single tap or Siri command, you are able to activate everything. A “Nighttime” scene might dim the lights in the living room and turn on the lights in the bedroom, or a “Good Night” scene might turn off everything and adjust your thermostat to 68 degrees.


Can I use accessories that don’t support HomeKit?

Yes! Just because you use an iPhone doesn’t mean you’re forbidden from using products that only support Alexa, Google Assistant, or other smart home ecosystems.