this trash can is really smart trash can

In the past two years, the development of smart homes has been very rapid. Everything you can think of at home has something to do with smarts. The development of smart trash cans has been around for a long time, but there are more so-called smart trash cans on the market. There is only an induction lid, but the automatic replacement and packing of garbage bags still requires manual labor. The hottest real smart trash can on the market is the previous Tuoniu T1 trash can. Recently, Tuoniu launched a new and updated product-Tuoniu smart trash can T1S. The reason why it is really smart is that it can automatically complete the garbage bag. Pack and replace.


At the center of the top, you can see a Tuoniu’s English LOGO “townew”. The front is an infrared sensor, using a smart photoelectric sensor, and the sensing distance is about 35 cm. Whether you open the lid by hand or use your knee to sense, The speed is very sensitive and the opening speed is very fast.


The lid of the trash can adopts a suspended lid design. After opening, you can see the gear connected to the motor at the root. The whole process of opening and dropping the lid is also gentle and gentle, and it does not rise and fall like many induction trash cans.


The charging interface and the power switch key are designed on the back of the trash can. A round-mouth power cord is included in the package. You can only use the supplied wire for charging. Perhaps more and more devices are beginning to use the Type-C interface, and this trash can does not use Type-C or the Micro-USB interface makes people feel a little unsatisfied.


Some operations of the trash can can be operated by touching the touch buttons under the infrared sensor. The first time you use it, you also need to press and hold the touch button to lay the garbage bag. For automatic packaging of the garbage bag, you need to press the touch button to carry out. In daily use, if you need to keep the lid normally open, you only need to lightly It can be achieved with the touch of a button, and the operation is still very convenient.


The trash can has a large capacity of 15.5 liters. For our daily household trash cans, the capacity is about 6 to 7 liters. This trash can is very capable of holding trash, and there is no need to change the trash bag too frequently. The internal mesh mouth is its air outlet, which plays an important auxiliary role in the automatic operation of the trash can when laying garbage bags and packing.


The root of the trash can has a heel against the wall, which can keep the body of the trash can at a certain distance from the corner when placed in the corner. The openings on both sides of the heel are ventilation openings.


For ordinary trash cans and sensor-type trash cans, you need to put on a new trash bag every time you throw out the trash. Tuoniu smart trash cans use an integrated trash bag box. When the trash bags are used up , Remove the top box cover to replace a whole box of garbage at one time, and you don’t need to change the garbage bag every time you throw away the garbage.


The automatic packaging of trash bags is the core of Tuoniu’s smart trash can. It adopts Tuoniu’s patented ASAR double-rod drive packaging and bag changing technology to help users easily seal and change bags without contact. Even if there is a little more trash, it will not affect the automatic packing of the trash can. After using the Tuoniu trash can, I realized that the real smart trash can should be designed like this.


The knotting of the garbage bag is made of hot-melt sealant, and the sealing is very tight. When throwing garbage, there is no need to worry about touching the garbage with your hands. This is probably the point I am most satisfied with. Since it is a hot-melt seal, it may be slower when sealing.


After experiencing Tuoniu’s T1S smart trash can, I completely fell in love with it. The design of smart packaging and changing bags made Tuoniu stand out in the trash can industry. It is worthy of being the sales champion manufacturer on Double Eleven this year. In terms of overall use, Tuoniu trash cans perform well. The battery also uses 18650 automotive-grade power cells, which have stronger performance and lighter weight. It is also more convenient to replace the garbage bag. It can be used multiple times after one replacement. Since the garbage bag is automatically packed and replaced, the ordinary garbage bag cannot be used. You must purchase a trash box/bag from Tuoniu. The price is relatively common. Garbage bags are also higher, so it is recommended that you consider the price of garbage bags before buying Tuoniu trash cans.


In short, if you have a need for a smart trash can, or you are a smart home enthusiast, or dislike the trouble of changing trash bags every time, compared with more sensor trash cans on the market, this Tuoniu smart trash can T1S It is definitely a good choice.