Easy installation without damaging the wall, instantly let your home punk up

Speaking of the light that can change atmosphere most conveniently, the lamp belt should be the first jumped into your mind, but light provided by the lamp belt is a line only.And if you want to form an area lamplight atmosphere effect, this  light board is a good choice absolutely.

In fact, the lightboard is not a new product. Many digital bloggers use it for their background walls. There are three kinds of light boards, trangle,square and hexagon.The reason why I didn’t buy it is that although it is very interesting, I have to use its own APP to control it, and I have already had five or six smart home apps on my phone and I really don’t want to add any more.Until this year I found this light board that can get connected on the app that I had downloaded, so I bought it without thinking.

1 Basic installation

Let me just show you the important parts including the light board, connectors, a power socket, a controller and mounting plate and gum for securing the board.

Because I bought a hexagonal lightboard, each board has six edges that can be linked to other boards at will.Each side has an interface for inserting the connector, just inserting the connector then you can connect this board to any other one that has an interface, regardless of the shape of the other board.


So the structure of the lightboard is very simple, you just need to master this logic, you can use various shapes of lightboard to achieve the effect that you imagine.


In addition,the soft connector can be able to let your lightboard make a turn, it will be very creative if you design a turn effect around the corner.


The socket and controller have the same interface and connector, so you can also connect the socket and controller to either side.

When it is necessary to fix them on the wall, first dip the double-sided adhesive tape onto the mounting plate, then fix the mounting plate to the wall, and finally buckle the light board onto the mounting plate.


It should be noted here that the removal of the mounting plate will not damage the wall (I deliberately tested that it will not damage the wall,on the right side was the torn double-sided adhesive tape ).




But the double sided glue of the light board’s price is slightly expensive, so everybody must design the shape that needs on the table or ground first, then you can do the pasting. 

2  How to control the light board 


This light board can be operated by the controller or the APP. There are six buttons on the controller.Beside the power button, The add/subtract button controls the brightness of the light, the arrow keys can switch the light randomly, the switch button is to change to the next mode, and the music button on the edge causes the light to change color automatically along with the music.




In addition to using the controller, What I pay more attention to is actually the APP control. In the APP, you can control the light state at will, no matter the switch, brightness or color, you can make detailed adjustments.

At present, it supports four control modes: light on, light off, brightness adjustment and color temperature adjustment. It can realize simple light on and off, automatic color temperature adjustment according to temperature, automatic brightness adjustment according to time, etc.

3 Light effects


This light board can be used to achieve a variety of color rendering, you can use the combination of these colors to achieve any effect you want.

In terms of intensity, when you adjust it to the maximum, it is actually quite bright. Personally, I think 60% to 80% persent of the brightness is enough for the atmosphere.



Besides, the most interesting thing about this light is that it can be tuned to music

Because you can set the changing color by yourself, when you play the game, you can use this lamp as the background light, and set the color to be similar to the game background color. With the change of the game music, this light board can definitely make you have more immersive experience of the game.


Finally this light board has a touch function, it will be turned on once you tap it. Also you can use this function to play some tapping games with your friends.

Personally, I think this light board has high playability. People like me, whose imagination is not big enough, may not even play one third of the game methods. If you have enough innovative ideas, this lightboard can definitely be very amusing.

And although this light board is glued to the wall by the back adhesive, the back adhesive material is very special so it will not damage the wall.