Happiness Enhancing Christmas Gifts-GT Sonic Cleaner

Those who wear glasses must have such trouble, that is, they often need to wipe and clean their lenses, especially in winter. Under the effect of static electricity, the dust and particles in the air will be more easily adsorbed on the lenses, and the glasses will look very dirty if they are not wiped for a day.What’s more, long-term scrubbing also pushes dirt to the edges of the lenses, so cleaning becomes increasingly difficult.

In order to solve this problem, I bought a GT ultrasonic cleaning machine a few days ago. If I think the lens is dirty, I can put it inside for cleaning, and it will be as bright as new in a few minutes, which is very convenient.With Christmas just around the corner, why not give your sweetheart a little gift that can boost your happiness.

The size of GT ultrasonic cleaning machine is very small, and the weight is only about 400G, very portable.What’s more, this product is made of ABS material with a layer of skin-friendly silica gel material on the surface, which feels very textured.In addition, it has a rated power of 15W, a cleaning frequency of up to 48,000 times/min, and no dead angle in all directions to remove dirt.


The inner tank of GT ultrasonic cleaning machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which has reached the food safety level. It is not only sanitary, but also has the characteristics of high toughness and corrosion resistance.In terms of space, there is more than enough room for ordinary glasses, so it can be widely used for different items .



In addition to the power adapter and bracket, this product also comes with a bottle of ultrasonic cleaning fluid and wiping cloth.For items with more dirt, you can add a cleaning solution for a better cleaning effect.


When the cleaning switch is pressed, it is obvious that the water will continue to vibrate, and a large number of tiny bubbles will form in the water, which will shatter the dirt attached to the glasses and dissolve in the water.GT ultrasonic cleaning machine supports automatic stop after 5 minutes, which can prevent damage to glasses caused by long time cleaning.The cleaning effect of GT ultrasonic cleaning machine is very good.In just five minutes, your glasses will be as clean as ever.


Before cleaning


After cleaning

In addition to cleaning glasses, there are many applications of GT ultrasonic cleaning machine.For example, it can be used to remove dust and dirt from jewelry, eliminating the need to run to the cleaning store every time.


What’s more, the head of the electric toothbrush can also use this machine to clean, and high-frequency ultrasonic will soon be able to brush the particles attached to the head down,  the regular cleaning of brush head is more conducive to oral health.


In general, GT ultrasonic cleaning machine’s cleaning effect is very fantastic, which makes cleaning items more convenient.