How’s your neck?Experience of Breo iNeck 4 shoulder and neck massager

For me, every day is either at work or on the way to work.Because everyday’s work is facing the computer, the cervical vertebra is particularly uncomfortable , only four or five years cervical vertebra has been very stiff, rotating the neck will hear a sound.I’m only in my 20s, and my cervical spine is estimated to be 50 or 60 years old.I believe many people are in the same situation as me. 


The Breo iNeck 4 massager is a pretty good answer to this problem. In addition to the shoulder and neck massage function, it also supports hot compress and has a bluetooth speaker built in.Let’s check it out.



The packaging of the iNeck 4 shoulder and neck massager is very delicate. First of all, there is a decorative cover printed with the product model on the outermost layer. After taking it off, you can see the real picture of the massager.


After opening, you can see the  logo “BREO”, and then the following are simple instructions showing by picture.



The contents of the packing box are iNeck 4 shoulder and neck massager, protective cover, dustproof bag, instruction manual, warranty card, charging cable and charging head.The dustproof bag is very nice and I love it.



The whole massager  is an u-shaped design, the fabric is composed of three different materials, and the color is also from light to deep transition.First of all, the most inside is lycra skin-friendly fabric, which has better elasticity and won’t be deformed after a long time.The middle one is flannelette, which feels very comfortable and won’t be cold in winter.Outside is the microfiber skin, highlighting the texture.



The protective cover is also very good, because the machine itself is designed as a whole, it will be dirty after being used for a long time.It is more convenient to remove and clean the protective case. The inner side of the protective case is also lycra skin-friendly fabric, while the outer side is a cloth with linge pattern. The advantage is non-slip and dirt-resistant.


Turn on the knob in the middle of the massager and you will see the charging port. It uses the type-C interface.It takes about 4 hours to fill, and the machine is not available during charging.In addition around the knob also made a shiny ring decoration, added to the sense of advanced.

The iNeck 4 shoulder and neck massager is designed with only one switch on the side. It combines mode switching and power keys, so it is very easy to operate.The intimate design is on the right side, which can be easily controlled after wearing.



In order to effectively fix the massager on the neck, the microfiber leather ring buckle is used, so that the massager can fit the cervical vertebra better.The pull-up is designed to control the intensity of the massage and can be done with just two fingers.



Let’s take a look at the details. This massager has done very fine stitching in different materials, and you can barely find mistakes.At the same time, the surface material is great in both feel and texture.



First of all, this massager itself is quite heavy. The official data is 1610G, which is really heavy when you hold it in your hand.However, when I put it on my neck, I didn’t feel much pressure. It was designed with hump support, which perfectly wrapped my neck and reduced the burden of my cervical vertebra.In addition, if you wear it lying on the bed for hot compress, it is also very comfortable.


Long press the “on” button for 2 seconds to start the massage, and then short press to switch to different modes.This iNeck 4 shoulder and neck massager has three modes to choose from

1. Activating mode: continuous kneading shoulder and neck , hot compress and Bluetooth music turned on

2. Neck relaxation mode: neck massage, hot compress will be turned off in 5 minutesand  bluetooth music turned on

3. Nourishing mode: relaxing neck and hot compress, no massage function, bluetooth music on


The massager gives me a very comfortable experience. By using the Y-tentacle bionic massage technology,  which can indeed relieve the acid and swelling of my shoulder and neck, as well as the stiff cervical vertebra.I can handle the massage strength, but sometimes it hurts when squeezing my hair.The pull band is used to control the force, and you can feel the force increase when you pull down.

First of all, the kneading speed of the activation mode is very fast and strong, but very effective.The neck – loosening mode is to contract inward and then release, the speed is relatively slow.The nourishing mode is just a hot compress, with 43 degrees, it’s really comfortable to cover the back of the neck.


The Massager is built into the Inbox speaker and automatically connects to the phone via Bluetooth every time you turn it on.We can listen to music or watch a TV play while massaging. The noise of the massager itself is not too loud. Even in activating mode, I can hear clearly.


The iNeck 4 shoulder and neck massager has a built-in battery capacity of 7,800 mah and can be massaged for 10 minutes every time and about 30 times.The official recommendation is no more than three times a day, but it will take at least 10 days, which is pretty impressive.