LG has unveiled a new wireless vacuum cleaner that automatically clears its dust collection box

LG unveiled its CordZero Thinq A9 supercharged wireless vacuum cleaner before the CES. What makes it unique is its special charging stand, which allows it to automatically empty the dust collection box and store various accessories for the vacuum cleaner.


The vacuum can be swapped out with a powerful carpet attachment to clean dirt and solid debris from carpets and hard floors, or with a powerful mop attachment to wipe hardwood floors with its microfiber mat, and CordZero’s built-in water tank provides moisture for the mop. Spare batteries can also be placed on the stand to charge both the body battery and the spare battery, which ensures that the user does not have to worry about running out of batteries during use.A touch screen on the stand allows users to perform various settings, such as directing a vacuum cleaner to empty a dust collection box.LG has yet to announce the price or availability of the CordZero Thinq A9.