Making Rookie to Master-Just Try the Hauswirt C40 Oven

Household electric oven serves as a kind of cooking utensils, which get the love of consumer.The biggest advantage is that it is easy to use, just set the temperature and time, it is OK, basically you do not have to take care of it at any time, unlike the conventional cooking is inseparable from people.


Since the oven is so good, how should we choose the right one?We should compare and select from the aspects of appearance, function, control, material and workmanship.Today I’d like to share with you a household electric oven –Hauswirt C40 Oven. After experiencing it, you will find that electric oven is not only a baking tool, but also can bring more beautiful changes to your life.


The C40 has a 40-liter oven inside, but that’s a lot more than the 40-liter oven from another brand at home.The interior of the oven is made of enameled liner, and the craft of porcelain kiln is adopted to imitate the polymerization energy. Compared with the ordinary galvanized liner, the surface is smoother, non-greasy, easy to wipe and reflect heat more evenly.At the bottom is a movable slag tray, which can be easily removed to dump food scraps, or clean the oil stains on the top.



The oven adopts the upper and lower independent heating and temperature control system, with the rated power up to 1800 watts. There are three parallel heating tubes in the lower and upper parts respectively, which ensure the constant temperature baking and even food heating.There is also a sensitive NTC temperature probe on the top and bottom, with the PID temperature control algorithm of the main machine intelligent temperature adjustment, the temperature control is more accurate compared with the ordinary mechanical oven .

There is a row of air vents on the right wall and a circulating fan inside, which can be opened with one button to form 3D hot air circulation inside the box, accelerate the heat flow and make the food more crispy.There’s also a blast furnace lamp on the top so you can watch the food as it changes.the middle between two sides has a rotating fork jack and stand, used for baking chicken, duck and other whole food.

There are levels on the two sides of the wall, which can be adjusted according to the different baked food, to effectively ensure the different baking temperature requirements for food on surface and at the bottom. Also, you can try multi-layer baking at one time, such as cookies, to improve the baking efficiency.



The right control panel on the front has a list of three buttons and a combination control button for rotation. The first button is the mode selection button for cyclic selection of baking mode.The second one is the temperature adjustment button. The upper and lower lamp tubes can be selected to adjust the temperature at 1℃, which is more accurate than the ordinary mechanical oven.The third button at the bottom is the start/stop and time adjustment button.Whether it is the rotation of the outer ring of the button or the button in the middle, the response is very sensitive.

It’s fun to watch the cupcakes growing and changing color. It’s definitely a treat!


In general, the C40 oven has many features, with this powerful oven your baking skills will certainly reach to a new level.