Enjoy a glass of pure orange juice at anytime with SCISHARE juicer


From satiation to nutrition, our lives have changed dramatically. Especially in the year 2020, in order to strengthen the immune system, people have strengthened their exercise, changed their living habits, paid attention to balanced nutrition, and knew how to eat healthy.I’m a vegetarian, I love vegetables and fruits, and I love fruit juice particularly.The reason why I like fruit juice is that it is rich in vitamins, can supplement the human body trace elements, can be drunk with three meals, at the same time, it also makes life more pleasant.


Work eight hours a day, in fact it is very tiring, if no longer pay attention to adjust life, then life is very easy to become boring.Therefore, I like to sit on the rattan chair after work, or want to make a cup of coffee to taste the bitterness of life, or want to squeeze a cup of orange juice from the juice machine to taste the beauty of life.It clears my mind and relaxes my body.I believe there are many people who will have my experience and feelings.Make the life nice, but don’t make it complicated.


Enjoying a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice from a simple start, I thought the orange juice press was very easy and fast by using this juicer. The machine was designed with electric two-way juicing, and the complicated manual juicing process was eliminated to easily produce freshly squeezed orange juice. Therefore, there were no worries, and there were plenty of healthy and free drinks.


Just need to press to get juice, simple and safe.Specific operation is like this: cut the orange into half,put the half orange above the juicing head, and slowly compress juicing head, juicing head will turn up at this time, juice will be squeezed out easily, then only the peel left, the moment was a little surprise: how can the peel so clean!The whole process takes less than a minute, so rewarding!


The question is, if the skin is peeled off, does the nucleus need to be cleaned up?See the point, this one doesn’t have to be peeled or seeded, it’s a two-way squeeze.Large diameter pulp filter plate, the falling pulp is crushed and filtered again, so as to improve the juice yield.


The juice is done, and then it’s time to enjoy.The orange juice contains no stone or tangerine, and tastes fresh and pure.In addition, the machine will not break the core and orange in the juicing process, so as to prevent the bitter taste mixed, thus ensuring the juice is soft and delicious.For a better taste, add a little sugar and warm water, which I like, but everyone has a different number of taste buds.


Different fruit flavors bring me different choices. Can it only be squeezed for orange juice?NO!NO!NO!Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and other citrus fruits, it can be easily done, while not restricted by the size of the fruit. You want to drink it? Just squeeze it! Easy disassembly and easy cleaning.Love delicious food but afraid of washing the pot, this is a common problem of work genes.


However, I thought that compared with other integrated juicers, this orange machine is more convenient to clean. I just need to flush the juice cup, juicer head and fruit plate with water to clean them. Of course, I will wash them as soon as I use them.Compared to delicious food, safety is the first choice.I thought that the contact between orange machine and fruit can meet the safety standards of food contact, squeeze out assured orange juice, and bring the family with assured drinking experience, so you can drink safely.


The SCISHARE juicer is easy to use, electric juicing, automatic start and stop, two-way juicing, higher juice rate, save time and effort, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, convenient storage, which make life become comfortable.