Xiaomi sweeping robot is the best gift to wish your mom Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is coming! Here we wish all moms in the world Happy Mother’s Day!

It is known that mom has made plenty of contribution for the home, now, it is time for us to send her the most practical gift! As far as I am concerned, Xiaomi sweeping robot is the best choice!

First, Xiaomi sweeping robot is very smart, it can clean in partitions and then scan without missing any places. Moreover, it can identify the location of the furniture when planning the path. When it approaches the furniture, it will slow down. This has a protective effect on furniture.

Mijia’s system is also very easy to use. It is very clear to see where has been scanned and how long it has been scanned. It will also prompt cleaning and replacement of accessories, and specify the cleaning area. It is also very convenient to remotely control cleaning through the APP when people are not at home, and you can also set the cleaning time.

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