Ok, friends, I ll show you why I choose Xiaomi Mijia as my smart home device!

1.Xiaomi is cheap

A large part of the reason why I chose Mijia is really because of this.

In terms of price, Mijia and Apple went to the opposite extreme.

Compared with other smart home systems, Mijia inherits Xiaomi’s consistent price/performance attributes, although the performance is not necessarily the best.

But as I said before, relying on the bargaining power and scale effect of the Xiaomi ecological chain, products with acceptable performance can be produced at relatively low prices.

2.The appearance of Xiaomi’s smart home devices is great

The Mijia smart home system is more closed than other smart home systems. Most of the connected products are designed by companies in the Xiaomi ecological chain in accordance with a unified design language.

From the appearance, they are all relatively uniform white, coupled with simple outline lines, although not necessarily so good-looking, but definitely not messy.

In this respect, it is very similar to Apple. You will know that this is a Mijia product and it is very recognizable.

3.It is perfect

Compared with the other two systems, Mijia can also be regarded as the relatively most complete system in the domestic market.

After all, Xiaomi has made a lot of effort in the layout and operation of the smart home field compared to other companies.

The product line is very wide, and it has initially covered various household appliances fields that are needed daily.

It also has an intelligent transformation plan for old houses, which can help old houses realize intelligence to a certain extent.