How about the ROIDMI floor mopping robot from Xiaomi Youpin?

In the process of rising consumer trends for emerging home appliances and high-quality home appliances, the scale of young consumer groups and the middle class continues to expand, and consumption concepts gradually show the characteristics of pursuing quality, focusing on experience, and focusing on appearance.


Therefore, some intelligent household products have gradually become standard equipment for middle-class families. Take the floor mopping robot as an example. As long as the middle class who pursues the quality of life will have one in their homes.


In fact, the use of floor mopping robots does not mean showing off to others how rich or qualified you are, but smart products such as floor mopping robots can really bring convenience to users’ lives. 


After my friend sent me a new product from Xiaomi Youpin-ROIDMI floor mopping robot, I fell in love with it immediately. Why does it have such magic power? I will give you an evaluation today, let’s take a look.


First, let’s take a brief look at the appearance of the machine. The ROIDMI floor mopping robot includes two main bodies, the mopping robot, and the smart dust collecting station. The overall design is the most fashionable white minimalist style. The appearance is still very good. I thought that the robot was very large, but I didn’t expect that even if it was placed on the wall, it would not take up much space. It was still very small and atmospheric.


Secondly, the performance of this ROIDMI floor mopping robot also exceeds my expectations. It can automatically pack garbage.


At the same time, this ROIDMI floor mopping robot is also equipped with a 3L large-capacity dust bag, which can basically meet the cleaning volume of the sweeping robot in a month, and the original ozone deodorization technology can also ensure that the garbage is not deteriorating. 


Of course, in addition to innovation in performance, the floor mopping robot’s powerful cleaning ability and obstacle avoidance ability are indispensable, and the ROIDMI floor mopping robot has good performance in these two aspects.


It has a suction power of 2700Pa that far exceeds the industry standard. It can easily suck dust, paper scraps, and hair garbage into the “belly”, and it can also mop the floor.


In terms of obstacle avoidance ability, this ROIDMI floor mopping robot has not shrunk at all. It uses super-sensing LDS lidar, which can intelligently and quickly formulate cleaning routes for houses.


In general, this ROIDMI floor mopping robot is considered to be the best among the representatives of the rise of domestic products. So people in need can consider starting with a try, then you will know how I feel.