How amazing it is! The high-definition renderings of the iPhone 12s are exposed

In accordance with past practices, Apple will hold an autumn new product launch conference in September this year, which will bring the latest generation of mobile phone products-the iPhone 12s series.

With the start of the WWDC conference, the upcoming iOS 15 system of the iPhone 12s series has been unveiled for the first time.

This also makes people pay more and more attention to the new iPhone 12s series, and various revelations about the machine are also endless.

Today, a digital blogger exposed the high-definition renderings of the iPhone 12s circulated overseas, which showed the appearance of the phone.

According to the picture, the overall design of the iPhone 12s is basically the same as the previous rumors, and the mobile phone uses the right-angle frame scheme of the iPhone 12 series.

The overall style has not changed much, but the camera area has changed compared to the past.

Among them, the iPhone 12s series will adopt a novel diagonal dual-camera design, and the overall visual effect seems to be more harmonious.

The area of ​​the multi-camera module of the iPhone 12s Pro series has increased significantly, and it is expected that the camera sensor will have an important upgrade.

It is worth noting that the picture also shows that the rear camera part of the iPhone 12s series adopts a transparent exploration version design similar to Xiaomi.

The camera adopts a transparent design for a week, and the CMOS of the camera can be clearly seen.

However, it is not yet certain whether it is the personal style of the renderer.

In addition to the changes in the camera, various sources have basically confirmed that the iPhone 12s series will be upgraded to a small bang design.


The news broke that Apple introduced a “hidden” handset solution, which moved the handset to the top of the screen to make more room for the Face ID component.

As a result, the area of ​​the bangs is reduced, and the “obtrusive” area at the top of the screen is reduced visible to the naked eye.

Thanks to this, the space left for Face ID components in the bangs area of ​​the iPhone 13 series is effectively increased, and the area of ​​the bangs area is naturally reduced.

At the same time, it also guarantees a very high security level of facial recognition.