How can a keyboard be so cute and cool?

At the end of 2019, I started with the limited mechanical keyboard of AKKO One Piece edition, which belongs to the compact 84-key arrangement. It is now the beginning of 2021, and I want to add another 108-key keyboard with the One Piece theme. The appearance color scheme is basically the same as the previous 84-key version, but it is a wired version. Although I like to use a small keyboard, for faster work, 104 and 108 keyboards are more suitable.


Since it is a limited edition, it naturally requires a set, so I take out the previous mouse and mouse pad to use together. Of course, One Piece has other limited mice, but I still feel that these three are very suitable together. It would be better to be able to launch other character combinations in the future.


The layout of the keyboard is no different from other 104 and 108 keyboards. It is the most common one, because it is not the compact design of 84 keys, and the width of the frame has become looser.


There is a two-stage bracket at the bottom of the keyboard, which supports a total of three kinds of height adjustments, and there are a few more users who use it. I usually use the first satge of the heights more easily. And each position has black non-slip mats.


This keyboard is designed with wires separated, and the bundled wires are also pink that consistent with the keyboard shell, even the cable tie is that kind of translucent feeling.


The interface is TYPE-C, and the design is a popular semi-built-in method, which can protect and store the wire well, and it is easy to replace even if the wire is damaged after a long time.


The wire plug is with a buckle, which can fix the wire well. In addition, the keyboard supports three-direction guide wires, which is convenient to adjust according to your desktop.


In addition to the keyboard, the accessories also include a dust cover, data cable, wire key puller, manual, and some additional keycaps. Previously, there was a special Chopper’s hoofprint keycap. This time it also comes with two pairs for each size. However, the red arrow keys, enter key, backspace key, and space key previously presented are not available. Instead, they are changed to four custom-designed buttons, including Chopper’s head, hat, lollipop, and wine barrel, that is, increase more customized elements.


At the same time, longer keys such as the space bar are also designed with a satellite axis, and the axis is red, so it looks more balanced. The satellite axis is movable up and down but cannot be disassembled. The position is relatively fixed. It is more convenient and stable to disassemble the keycap. In addition, the buttons behind the satellite axis can maintain a good balance, and the percussion will feel more stable and comfortable.


Of course, since it is a limited version, you always have to make something different. I also bought two ZOMO metal keycaps this time, which are also customized by One Piece.


The entire keycap is made of metal CNC processing, but metal does not have the flexibility of plastic, so the precision of processing is higher, and the mature CNC Processing technology makes it possible. The measured tightness is not bad, the installation is not laborious, but it is also relatively strong.


One Piece has been around for more than 20 years, whether it is a comic or an animation, and it still has a large number of fans today, which is why many manufacturers will launch customized products.