For selfies, the LG Rollable scroll screen will also have a rear secondary screen

At the previous CES2021 exhibition, a flexible scroll screen launched by LG attracted a lot of attention, but it was a pity that only the concept map and the effect video were released at the time, and the specific details of the design were unclear. In particular, the entire scroll screen on the front does not seem to leave a place for the front camera. What should users do if they need to take selfies?


LG’s latest patent shows us how they solve this problem, that is, there is no front camera, and a small secondary screen is added to the back of the fuselage, so that you can directly use the rear camera for selfies.


The patent drawing shows that the buttons and interfaces of the mobile phone are basically arranged on the right side of the fuselage, which should make room for the internal flexible screen. There seems to be an expanded metal contact on the lower right side.

Taking into account recent rumors that LG may abandon its mobile phone business, the smooth launch of LG Rollable may also be a question.