TP-LINK has released the TL-XTR series of Wi-Fi 6E routers

At the launch event held on March 14, TP-LINK released three series of 12 new routers in one go. Among them, the most high-end TL-XTR series adopts an innovative design with a golden base and eliminates the traditional external antenna. This series of routers all support the 6GHz frequency band Wi-Fi 6E, but this frequency band has not yet been approved in mainland China, so it is expected to be available in global regions.


TP-LINK newly released routers all provide a custom network port, which can be replaced by a module to switch between 2.5Gbps, 5Gbps, and 10Gbps wired network ports. At the same time, it supports the replacement of SFP/SFP+ optical modules and the use of optical fibers further improves the connection speed. In addition, it is also equipped with a USB 3.0 interface, which is convenient for connecting external mobile hard disks and other storage devices.


The first model is TL-XTR6690, which supports three-band and eight-stream wireless antenna specifications and has 12 independent FEM wireless signal amplification chips. This router provides a 5G custom network port, a 2.5G network port, and 3 Gigabit network ports. The total speed of the tri-band network can reach 6600Mbps, with a capacity of 1536 units.



The second product, TL-XTR7890, uses a unique antenna design. The surface of the product is hollowed out to facilitate heat dissipation. It comes with dual 10-Gigabit wired network ports, and the wireless signal has been upgraded to three-frequency ten-stream, and the total rate is 7800Mbps.


The third product, TL-XTR10890, is the flagship model of the series. The total bandwidth of 2.4G+5G+6G frequency band can reach 10800Mbps. According to, the specific wireless specifications can be predicted as follows:

  2.4G 4x4mimo 40MHz bandwidth, 1147Mbps rate

  5G 4x4mimo 160MHz bandwidth, 4804Mbps rate

  6G 8x8mimo 80MHz bandwidth, 4804Mbps rate


This router also inherits the mold design of the previous product TL-WTR9500, but it is upgraded to dual 10G Ethernet ports, with a three-frequency sixteen-stream antenna for wireless, and 20 independent FEMs.

These routers of the TL-XTR series all support 4K QAM, 37 OFDMA, and other technologies, and support 2.0 Mesh, which is convenient for networking in a variety of ways.


There is another new product of TP-LINK that has not been exposed. The official said that this product adopts a brand-new design with even more extreme performance. TP-LINK said that the new products will be launched in the near future, and the price will be disclosed accordingly. The TP-LINK official is very confident in the cost performance. According to the official hint, the unreleased new product is expected to be unveiled on June 14.