Minimalist style – Xiaomi headset lite

The lite version of Xiaomi Headphones is loved by many Mi fans. With three matching colors, white, orange, and green, the appearance is more minimalist, showing the wind of youth. With its good resolution and rich detailed performance, Xiaomi Headphone Lite Edition has won the title of “the most feverish Xiaomi headset”. Okay, let’s take a closer look.


The outer packaging of the Mi Headphones Lite Edition continues Xiaomi’s usual style. It is mainly white, and the orange Mi headphones are dazzling and unambiguous. The overall packaging is simple, clean, and attractive!



The most conspicuous packaging of Mi Headphones Lite Edition is the Hi-Res small gold label. Only products that pass the latest high-quality music standard test by the Japan Audio Association can be qualified to use this trademark. There are currently many Mi headphones. (Xiaomi Headphones, Xiaomi Headphones Easy Edition, Xiaomi Ring Iron Earphone Pro) have passed this certification. Is it powerful enough? It can be said to be the finishing touch! The back of the Xiaomi Headphone Lite Edition packaging box indicates the basic information of the product, such as product model, impedance, power, frequency response range, headset sensitivity, etc., which can be seen by users. At the same time, it can also be found that the Xiaomi headphone is designed and developed by the Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise and One-more Design.




The picture above is the packaging box inside the Xiaomi headset. The embedded method is used to fix the Xiaomi headset, and it is also very careful. Two sponge-like modules are used to protect the sound of the Xiaomi headset The speakers are really good built-in, but when they are taken out, it is a little difficult, and the fixation is a bit compact. It is recommended to relax a little. Overall it is very good.