Xiaomi will hold a new product launch conference in August: MIX 4 will be unveiled without MIUI 13

The exposed news indicates that Xiaomi will release the MIX flagship in August, which may be named Xiaomi MIX 4, which means that MIUI 13 will not be unveiled at this conference.

Xiaomi Group said that MIUI 13 will give way to experience optimization, which means that the MIUI team will focus on optimizing the experience, and MIUI 13 is still being polished.

Although MIUI 13 will not be released this time, the launch of Xiaomi’s new flagship MIX 4 is enough to make this conference full of expectations.

According to previously disclosed information, Xiaomi MIX 4 uses under-screen camera technology and is the industry’s first Snapdragon 888 Plus true full-screen flagship.

It is reported that the new Mi MIX 4 will use a hyperboloid display screen instead of the four-curved screen used on the Xiaomi Mi 11.

The reason why the four-curved surface design is not adopted is because the four-curved surface will bring black edges that affect the look and feel more than the hyperboloid, which is unacceptable for a MIX model that is tasked with exploring the ultimate full screen.

In addition, the machine will use the under-screen camera technology for the first time, and the display effect of the camera area will be greatly improved through the self-developed pixel arrangement.

At the same time, through the optimization of the camera algorithm, it brings a self-portrait performance that is indistinguishable from the conventional front camera.