See you next month! Xiaomi Mi 12 mini: The core is equipped with Snapdragon 870

It is basically certain that Xiaomi Mi 12 will officially debut next month. Although the position of the new flagship chip equipped with Snapdragon may be robbed, it will still be followed up as soon as possible.

In addition, for the currently most popular Snapdragon 870 configuration, the Mi 12 series is also prepared, and a small-sized version of the Mi 12 mini will be launched.

According to the latest news: “The s870 version has cut some peripheral parameters, and the core configuration is still good. If you don’t pursue the ultimate performance, I feel that it will be more suitable.”

More importantly, the blogger also revealed in the comments that this new Snapdragon 870 machine will also have a curved screen design, continuing some of the plans of the Xiaomi 12 standard version.

In other words, it is completely different from the SE mid-end version of the previous digital series, and is positioned as the flagship product.

According to previous reports, the Mi 12 mini will be equipped with a 6.3-inch 1080P screen, although the screen size alone is not “mini”.

However, thanks to the narrower frame, the overall size of the fuselage should not be too large, and it will be a flagship phone with a “small screen” that supports one-handed holding.

It is reported that this phone has obtained 3C certification before, and the data shows that the new phone model is “2112123AC”, supports 5G network, and is equipped with up to 67W wired fast charging.