Will Xiaomi Mix4 Pro Max be a folding-screen phone?

Folding-screen phones are basically the trend of this year, so it is expected that many mobile phone brands will launch folding-screen phones this year. According to overseas media, Xiaomi Mix4 Pro Max will be a folding-screen phone. As Xiaomi’s first folding-screen phone, this phone should be very distinctive! I just believe that the price should not be cheap!


The initial release of the Mix series was based on black technology, but afterward, for the convenience of mass production and cost control, the mix series became less and less amazing. The slider design adopted on the Mix 3 series actually caused problems. There are many comments from Xiaomi fans, so after Mix 3, there have been no new models in the Mix series.


However, at a Spring Festival event, Lei Jun confirmed that the new Mix series will definitely come this year. The main reason why this series has been stopped for two years is that Lei Jun felt that the design was not good enough. So the Mix4 that as a folding-screen phone is reasonable, but it is reported that this phone will be called Mix4 Pro Max, and uses the flexible display provided by CSOT (China Star Optoelectronics Technology)! I wonder if you are looking forward to this phone?