Apple Tips and Tricks: How much do you know about the interaction between Apple devices?

1. Synchronize address book, address book, reminders, memos, shortcut commands

2. Airdrop-file data transfer between Apple devices.

3. Iphone incoming calls can be answered by computers and iPads.

4. wifi mobile phone sharing

One mobile phone is connected to wifi, and the other mobile phone is already connected to the same network.

This mobile phone can be shared to the password to surf the Internet.

5. ipad as the secondary screen of Apple computer, sidecar function

6. The function of copying and pasting text and pictures between devices can be cross-device

Copy one device directly to another device and paste

7. Keychain, one device saves the account password, all devices can be used.

8. Photo icloud, upload all photos to icloud, which saves equipment space and can be seen and used by all equipment.

9. icloud can synchronize multiple computer desktops and documents. You cannot bring a computer when you go home. Several computer desktops and documents display exactly the same data.

10. Safari browser, mobile phone browsing, you can directly relay on the computer.

When the iPhone browses the web, the “Visit” position of the Apple computer corresponds to the browsing information of the iPhone, and you can open this icon to view it on the Apple computer.

11. Apple computers can use mobile phones and iPads as the “eyes” of the computer, no need to import photos, take pictures directly into the document

12. ipad can be directly used as a drawing board, sign or draw on the picture on the mac computer

When the computer selects a picture, a blank space, a preview image appears, and there is a writing function on it, and then the picture screen appears directly on the ipad.