iPhone 4 design will be used again! iPhone 14 is coming!

It is reported that Apple is going to re-enact the iPhone 4. Of course, this re-enactment adopts the classic design of the former in the next-generation iPhone. Do you expect it?

According to the source, next year’s iPhone 14 series will indeed re-enact the design of the iPhone 4, with the front and back glass sandwiching the middle frame, the camera part cancels the past area, the lens directly protrudes, and the thickness of the body continues to increase.

It is reported that there will be three models in the iPhone 14, two of which are high-end versions that use the horizontal “exclamation mark” to dig holes to upgrade the sensor size of the main camera, but will not use the USB-C interface.


As for the appearance of the standard version of the iPhone 14 series, it will continue to be shaped like a small bang. The main camera and super wide range will use the sensors of the iPhone 13 Pro series. As for the A16 processor on the whole series, it should be based on TSMC’s 4nm process technology. .

At the same time the camera will be upgraded.

In addition, the dual-hole screen model that Apple is testing is internally code-named D73x instead of the previously rumored D85x.

Now the question is, can you accept an iPhone with a hole-digging screen?