How to choose a sweeping robot? Here are 5 highly recommended sweeping robots

The emergence of sweeping robots allows us to no longer be stuck with heavy housework and free up more space for ourselves.

How can I buy a sweeping robot? These five sweeping robots are worth buying!


Observe the cleaning route

The original sweeping robot used random collisions to clean the ground, and the cleaning route was irregular, so it was prone to repeated cleaning or missed sweeping on a large area.

And now sweeping robots have the ability to plan, and can plan their own cleaning routes by intelligently detecting the surrounding environment. After testing, the bow cleaning route is the most efficient cleaning route.

Observe the cleaning ability

The key to purchasing a sweeping robot depends on its cleaning ability.

The realization of this ability mainly relies on the cleaning components-side brush, suction port and rolling brush.

The role of the side brush is mainly used to gather garbage, which can touch the corners and sides of the wall for detailed cleaning, and the cleaning efficiency of the double-sided brush is higher than that of the single-sided brush.

The suction port is divided into a fixed suction port and a floating suction port. The former is at a certain distance from the ground.

Because the cleaning ability is relatively poor, the latter can float up and down according to the unevenness of the ground and clean it close to the ground.

Regarding rolling brushes, most mainstream sweepers are equipped with V-shaped sweeping brushes, which not only have a large area for single cleaning, but also can efficiently clean smooth and ordinary floors.

Observe the functions of anti-collision, anti-winding, anti-dropping, etc.

A qualified sweeping robot must have intelligent anti-collision, anti-winding, and anti-drop functions.

When running to the edge of a high place, it will retreat on its own, and it will take measures such as slowing down when it senses that the wall is trapped, and it will be able to get out of it on its own when trapped.

It’s just that there are different good and bad sweeping robots on the market, and the function is different. If you want to have excellent functions of this kind, a powerful intelligent navigation system is the key.


1. Uoni sweeping robot

It is an international brand from Japan. It has strong scientific and technological strength and rich R&D experience in the field of smart cleaning. It has dozens of top R&D personnel in the industry and maintains long-term cooperation with emerging Japanese designers.

The newly launched sweeping robot V980Plus, equipped with automatic dust collection technology, can efficiently empty the dust box garbage in 10 seconds with one button, and the garbage collection rate is as high as 99%.

Moreover, the 4.3L large-capacity dust bag can store daily garbage for one month, eliminating the trouble of frequent manual cleaning.

In terms of navigation, the sweeping robot V980Plus uses Yuri’s eighth-generation laser navigation system, which can accurately locate the whole house, efficiently plan and clean, sweep and drag, so that cleaning can be done in one step, which is quite worry-free.

2.ECOVACS Cobos sweeping robot


Founded in 1999, it is a professional service robot company integrating R&D, design and manufacturing.

Its latest sweeping robot T8AIVI is equipped with millimeter-level dToF navigation, which can quickly build maps and restore home layout.

Adopting a unique high-frequency wiping mode, which can repeatedly clean the ground dirt. In addition, it also adds a video function, you can see the state of the home through the camera; but in the actual experience, this function is very limited, and the pixels are not high-definition.

3. Roborock robot sweeping

With the help of Xiaomi’s strong user base and brand advantages, Roborock sweeping robots have become a hot product in the market as soon as they are launched.

Its representative product T7Pro, the main feature is the use of AI binocular obstacle avoidance technology, so that the sweeper has the ability to recognize objects in three dimensions, so that it can easily cope with the complex home environment.

In addition to avoiding obstacles, this technology also supports real-time video function, which can monitor the state of the home at any time. However, in the side brush configuration, T7Pro uses a single side brush, which is easy to fly when facing the particle garbage during cleaning, and the cleaning efficiency is lower than other mainstream sweeping robots.

4. NARWEL cloud whale sweeping robot

Yunjing is a supplier of home service robots, and most of its R&D personnel are highly educated talents from domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning such as Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Central South University, and Duke University.

The mopping robot launched by the company can be used with the cleaning base station to allow the robot to automatically clean the mop, and the base station is equipped with two large water tanks, which can separate clean water and sewage.

However, the path planning of the mopping robot is not efficient enough, it takes a long time to clean the ground, and the setting function on the APP is relatively simple, which is not enough to match the user’s personalized cleaning needs.

5. Dyson intelligent sweeping robot

Dyson is now an international home appliance design and manufacturing company dedicated to the invention and innovation of digital engines, washing machines and vacuum cleaners themselves.

In the field of sweeping robots, Dyson currently only launches a 360Heurist, which uses an integrated tank track to easily overcome indoor obstacles.

A variety of patented technologies are also built-in, and the dust collection effect is remarkable. However, while maintaining strong suction power, this sweeper has a shorter battery life and high noise.