It can automatically take out the trash, the iRobot i7+ sweeping robot is really cool to use!

The iRobot i7+ home sweeping robot that will automatically take out the trash is really cool to use.

I am really lazy about cleaning, so I am always looking for a suitable sweeping robot. After comparing a number of styles, I finally focused on a product that can automatically take out the trash. Well, I will recommend a very useful product for everyone today, iRobot Roomba i7+ sweeping robot. What function makes me so comfortable? Then, let’s check it out!


Its dust box has many functions. Innovative Clean Base ™ automatic dust collection technology is a combination of an automatic dust collection system and a charging base, which can automatically empty the dust box in the sweeper, suck the dirt into the disposable dust bag, and provide users with a one-stop cleaning service, according to official data, it can hold the equivalent of 30 dust bins of dirt and hair. It can completely make you forget the idea of ​​taking out the trash and enjoy life properly.


The iRobot i7+ sweeping robot uses black as the color, with a Clean button in the middle, and a refill button, and a partial cleaning button on both sides.


There is an inclined position in the middle, and there is a camera inside, which is responsible for visual navigation and positioning and collects spatial environment information in the area.

Small details, the LOGO at the top is a hidden handle design, you don’t need to hold it when you want to move it, you can carry it directly, which provides the convenience of moving.


The bottom design is worth noting, with side brushes, various down-looking sensors, and so on. A highlight here is the advanced version of the triple high-efficiency cleaning system, that is, the side brush is responsible for sweeping, the rubber brush is responsible for drawing in, and the suction will suck the garbage into the dust box. 


The dark green main brush uses a scraper design, which can absorb larger particles. The green main brush at the back has some changes in the structure of the rubber strip. It can be seen that the lines of the two rubber brushes are in opposite directions, and one is responsible. The dirt is peeled off, and the other one is involved in making it into the dust box. If the hair is inhaled, it will not be entangled easily, and it will prevent the normal operation from being affected by a large amount of entanglement. It can be called a “hair buster”. Friends with pets at home can greatly reduce the cleaning time. If you need to remove the rubber brush for cleaning, just press the small green button next to it.


The role of the side brush is also particularly important. For example, some difficult-to-sweep corners need its help to be cleaned.


If you use a sweeping robot, you will definitely go through the process of manually discharging garbage by yourself. Most sweepers on the market operate in this way, and in the process of disposing of garbage, dust and hair may flutter everywhere causing secondary pollution, which is very disturbing. Therefore, one of the highlights of the iRobot i7+ sweeping robot this time is that it has an automatic dust collection function, which sucks garbage into the disposable dust bag in the base through the CleanBase™ automatic dust collection charging stand. It doesn’t look big, but in fact, the dust bag can hold about 30 dust bins of the sweeper.


The dust bag adopts a pull-out design, so there is no need to worry about the secondary pollution of dust and other dirt when replacing it.


Through the special dust collection box of the dust collection charging stand, the function of automatic garbage dumping can be realized. It can be found that the green rubber strip on this dust collection box is the garbage outlet, and the garbage is sucked into the dust bag through this mouth through strong suction. It must be equipped with a dust box with a green rubber strip, which is the garbage outlet, to realize the function of automatic dust collection. If you have bought an i7+ sweeper, you must pay attention to replacement. The clean filter on the dust box can also effectively absorb fine dust and pollen.


In addition, after cleaning, the dust box of this sweeper can be washed with water to keep the sweeping robot clean. Remember that the filter must be removed when cleaning.


Some homes have stairs, and the robot’s intelligence will be tested at this time. Through the cliff sensor at the bottom of the fuselage, it can detect the position of the forward direction and can identify whether it wants to continue forward in time, and prevent the machine from accidentally falling and causing damage. This can also be seen in the animation below.

Through 10 times aerodynamics, the efficiency of vacuuming can be improved. Let’s test the vacuuming effect of various items.

Vacuuming hair


Vacuuming soybeans


Vacuuming scraps of paper


In addition, the equipped Dirt Detect™ technology can detect dirt accumulation areas and can identify these locations to define them as dirt accumulation areas and thoroughly clean the area.

The iRobot i7+ sweeping robot is equipped with iAdapt® 3.0 intelligent navigation. With vSLAM technology, it can help the sweeper achieve efficient panoramic navigation at home. Through the continuous exploration and recognition of the sweeper, a home map can be drawn finally. For users who live in villas, on several floors, the sweeper can provide and record 10 home floor plans, choose a reasonable planning plan, and achieve efficient cleaning. At the same time, various settings can be made through the APP.


In the era of intelligence, every product is inseparable from the remote control of APP. First, we need to download an iRobot APP and select the corresponding product to connect to the WIFI geek at home to realize APP control. The key point is that it also supports a 5G WiFI connection, too.

It can customize the map in your home and mark the names of maps on different floors.

We can make an appointment for the sweeper to start, and can also set the cleaning area and cleaning time, including week, day, and every hour. The intelligent planning system of the i7+ sweeping robot is still good. In addition, the APP will also provide maintenance tips for the sweeper.