How to choose between the iPhone12 and iPhone 12 Pro?

It’s already January of 2021. In the new year, if you happen to plan to change to a new iPhone, but you don’t know how to choose between the two, then this article may give you one answer.


Iphone12 and iPhone12PRO have very little difference in appearance. The integrated dimensions of the two are exactly the same, which means that their mobile phone cases are completely universal. The biggest benefit of this is that the phone case I bought for iPhone 12 three months ago can be used directly on the new iPhone 12 PRO.


Iphone12 is indeed very light in my hand, and it weighs only 202 grams with the film and the shell.


The iPhone12PRO has a full 226 grams after the film and the shell. Although there is only a 20 grams difference, this weight is a big burden for the little finger. The screen quality of the Iphone12 and 12PRO can be said to be almost the same. The same OLED panel has the same display resolution and also supports HDR display with a maximum brightness of 1200 nits.


The battery capacity of the iPhone has not always been the industry’s leading level. This time, coupled with the two major power consumers, a14 and 5g, the strongest on the surface, the battery life of the iPhone 12 series is very worrying, but I have been using it for a period of time. , With 5g turned on, iPhone 12 can just meet my daily needs. After switching to the iPhone 12, I can feel that its battery life is a little better than that of the iPhone 12, but only a little bit, and when switched to the automatic 5G or 4G mode, the battery life of both has been greatly improved.


When I use iPhone12, I often encounter such a situation. When I switch from an application to the camera, take a photo or a video and then return to that application, I often need to restart it. It’s a waste of time, but this problem has hardly appeared on the iPhone12PRO, so this is the advantage of 6g memory. If you are a heavy user, iPhone12PRO with 6g RAM may be more suitable for you. Then let’s talk about its camera. Compared with the iPhone12iPhone12PRO, it adds a telephoto camera and lidar scanner. Although I personally rarely use a telephoto lens for taking pictures, its existence allows me to get it. The richer details of the long-distance picture can occasionally come in handy.


As far as Lidar is concerned, this is the biggest achievement of this year’s iPhone12PRO compared to iPhone12. This is not the first time Lidar has appeared in our field of vision. Last year’s iPad Pro was already supported, but it was only known to everyone on the iPhone. So what is Lidar? In fact, it is a lidar scanner. It calculates the time it takes for these beams to reflect back from the light beams and the touched objects by emitting invisible laser beams, thereby quickly establishing the surrounding three-d model.


So what is it for? The iPhone users should all know that iOS has a native APP called Rangefinder. With the blessing of Lidar, its measurement will be more accurate and efficient, while the iPhone 12 without Lhasa will not be so accurate and fast.


Because Lidar quickly builds the surrounding three-dimensional model, many AR applications can become more useful. However, the current development of AR is not so good, so the application in this area is not obvious for our daily use experience improvement, but there is a benefit that can bring a huge improvement to our mobile phone camera experience, that is, the dark light environment Shoot.
Because Lidar does not rely on light, it can work normally in low-light environments, so this is equivalent to adding night vision to the iPhone.
With the coming iPhone12PRO, the focusing speed at night is obviously much faster than iPhone12. In addition, because of the distance information measured by Lidar, the portrait mode of the iPhone12PRO has reached a highly usable level, and the blur is very natural.
The iPhone’s video capabilities are the strongest today. There is no doubt that all iPhone 12 series can now shoot Dolby Vision. Compared with last year’s 4k60-pin 4k hdr, Dolby Vision can be said to be a step up. It is also an iPhone12. Started to support shooting Dolby Vision’s major video platforms, and gradually began to support the playback of HDR content, but on iPhone 12 you can only shoot 30fps Dolby Vision content
On the iPhone12PRO, you can always shoot 60fps Dolby Vision content. Dolby Vision allows everyone to shoot videos more clean and real. The bright places are bright, and the dark places are dark. It will not be bright or blind. It will be dead black, allowing more people to come into contact with the truest colors of the world.


Iphone12 has nearly 80% of the new features and lower prices of this generation of new iPhone, while iPhone12PRO has texture, better appearance, larger memory, and better photography and video capabilities.