How to set your kid’s room by kids bed singapore?

After age 7, it’s a good time to train your children to really start to sleep on their own and enjoy their own space. Decorate a beautiful and comfortable children room is a good way to let them sleep by themselves. And here are some good items to build your kid’s room.

Chivas solid wood kids bed


It is of full solid wood production, rubber wood frame, pine row frame, environmentally friendly clean flavor paint, zero formaldehyde with no pungent smell.The frame is tight with thickened bed plate.Rounded corners are polished to be smooth and burr-free.Widening the legs of the bed make it easy to clean the bottom of the bed and more stable standing.

Kirin children’s ridge protective mattress


The mattresse is  two sides with soft and hard to change, one side is natural latex and the other side is coconut brown.Children’s spine in the growth and development, the use of hard coconut brown surface is the most suitable.

Chivas children’s learning desk and chair


Let’s focus on the design details of this model.One is the crystal desktop to reduce the reflection of light, protect the baby’s eyes.Two is the three-dimensional V-shaped adjustable seat, 3 directions in the same tune, can let the child in the process of growing up has been maintained comfortable sitting posture.Third, chair pulley can be gravity lock wheel, people sit up after the heavy lock, prevent sideslip.Four is 0-55 degrees adjustable desktop, whether it is writing, reading, standing painting, can find the right Angle.Fifth, the double dimension can adjust the reading frame, reading and writing more convenient.Six is to adjust the height of the table leg by hand, easier to adjust accurately.Seven is the resin easy to scrub the table, water-based pen traces can be easily erased. Therefore when we decorate children room, primary consideration is not how we want to decorate,the key is what does the child need, how to make his life more convenient and comfortable.