The Black walnut sideboard singapore that you must buy

Black walnut is characterized by resistance to decay, the probability of furniture distortion is small, and it can be said to be more luxurious wood in the furniture material. Its excellent grain and perfect texture make the furniture that is made of it send out a generous and elegant temperament;Brass, unlike any other metal, has a darker luster and brings a different kind of simplicity and refinement. Today’s list is of Master Copper’s black walnut furniture. Each type of furniture is made of black walnut logs imported from the United States, which are easy to paint. Natural plant wood wax oil not only ensures texture, but also highlights environmental protection and health.


The drawer type storage of the sideboard used pluralistic design: besides wine store place, it also have lower part receive drawer, and the side door of both sides, which is very practical. Oxidation-resistant accessories and handles have a good appearance level. Additional, wall locks are all be set on both sides on the back of cabinet body, which put an end to the circumstance of dumping thereby happen and take care of children safety.The specific size is 91*45*160cm.


The chest of drawer is Simple and natural, using hidden silent drawer track, hydraulic damping buffer, which ensure the smooth pulling. Handles and accessories are made of brass by anti-oxidation treatment, use as new for a long time.The back is with the original wall lovk device to protect the safety of children.The specific specification is 103*100*48cm.Black walnut log texture tie-in regular cabinet design is quite simple sense.


The dinning table set replaces paint with natural plant wood wax oil, which is with natural environmental protection.Among them, the dining table chose a simple design concept, dining chair also followed the suspension design, and follow the design of ergonomics.


The dressing table’s specially designed deepen storage structure can receive more cosmetics.The joint of the mirror is made of brass hydraulic hinge to prevent collision and ensure smooth operation.Face of dressing stool chooses import head layer cowhide with excellent tactile feeling. In terms of specifications, the size of dressing table is 79*80*54cm, dressing stool’s size is  45*45*30cm.

Among the furnitures above, which one do you like the best?