DeRUCCI kids bed singapore guarantees your kids’ sleep

Mattress is a great influence on the child’s sleep, but if there is not a good bed frame to support, the mattress won’t be used for a long time and many parents tend to ignore this point. When I was buying a bed frame for my children, after some careful selection, I finally started with this DeRUCCI Ferdinand BKB1-132 children’s bed frame with high appearance level and excellent quality. 


Kids love cute things, so when I was choosing a bed frame, I take appearance at the first place.Ferdinand bed frame used the design of the horn bed screen with unique features, the appearance looks nifty and lovely. The bed frame is available in 3 colors: yellow, pink and fuchsia.


Its cloth art pillows are very big and very thick, the fabric tactility is soft and not easy to get deformed. With the big pillow the kids will fall asleep in a second.



The bed frame comes with its own base.In terms of protection, the whole bed frame is with soft package design. The soft sponge filled package can play a very good buffer role.Children are naturally active, bed frame can prevent bump, parents can also be more at ease.


This bed frame adopts environment-friendly and durable three-proof cloth, which can be waterproof, antifouling and dustproof. The liquid sprinkled on the bed frame can not be entered, and the daily stains and dust can be cleaned by towel dabbing in water.


And this frame won’t take up a large space as well. It’s really a good choice.