How TV console Singapore become a multi-purpose item

Recently, I met a problem at home, that is, the lack of display cabinet!There was no place for a lot of Legos and handholds, so they had to be fenced up and put in unused storage rooms.Yesterday I had a whim and placed an order for a display cabinet plus TV cabinet.


After I bought it, I was very satisfied. I felt that all the ornaments I wanted to put out had their place.This TV console with a display cabinet really solved my problem perfectly.


This is very practical, the two shelves on the side can be dismantled or combined according to your own needs,  if the place is small, you can also put it to other areas such as the bedroom, it is simply too convenient! Ikea also has a lot of TV consoles of this type, which really grasped our small family’s heart  firmly that we  do not want to waste of a space.




It is very simple and also can be installed very much, which fully save the space of a bookcase.However, it needs to be placed very neatly, otherwise it is easy to be messy.


The overall style of IKEA display cabinet + TV console is really very simple, as well as this one-side type.



Did such a multi-purpose cabinet solve your problem of space lack in small family?