Huawei publishes new smartwatch appearance patent

Recently, I learned from the website that Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. has published an appearance invention patent called “watch”.The application number is CN202030242174.5, and the application date is May 22, 2020.The patent abstract information shows that the design product is mainly used for timing, step counting, physical data measurement and communication.It can be seen from the appearance patent picture that the watch case adopts an arc design, and the dial is a curved flexible screen solution, which can better fit the wrist.


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In addition, there is a physical button on the right side of the watch, and the bottom part is a sensor component for detecting heart rate.

It should be noted that the watch is not equipped with a charging interface. Since the only appearance patent announced this time, the specific charging method Huawei will use is currently unknown.

However, although the patent name is “watch”, it is actually more like a bracelet device, very similar to the previous Huawei bracelet B6.

It is understood that the Huawei Band B6 continues the classic design of the “two-in-one bracelet and earphone” form. It uses a 1.53-inch 3D curved flexible color screen, 326PPi high-definition full-color display, and supports scene intelligent reminders, message reminders and displays, and smart assistants. .

In terms of configuration, Huawei Band B6 is equipped with the Kirin A1 chip independently developed by Huawei, supports Bluetooth 5.2 protocol, dual MIC noise reduction, and is supplemented by self-developed audio optimization algorithms to make user calls clearer.

In terms of sports health, the Huawei Band B6 supports heart rate, sleep, pressure, and blood oxygen detection. At the same time, it supports 9 sports modes and can perform real-time data monitoring and professional data analysis.

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