Huawei’s MateX2’s hinge technology is upgraded again to improve the durability of the folding screen

On the evening of February 22, Huawei’s new generation of folding screen mobile phone MateX2 will be officially unveiled. For this product, everyone can say that it has been long-awaited. Because seen from Huawei’s official warm-up a few days ago, this product adopts an internal folding scheme. This form is very different from the Mate X and Mate Xs that Huawei has released. How will Huawei polish the internal folding scheme is the direction the whole industry pays attention to.


On the morning of February 19th, Huawei’s official Weibo terminal officially released the third warm-up poster of MateX2. The animated poster showed the side view of MateX2 in the closed state and the dynamic effect of unfolding. It can be seen that when MateX2 is in the closed state, the screen and hinge part are invisible to the gap, which is rare for folding screen mobile phones. There are gaps more or less in the screen part of the several folding screen mobile phones that have been on the market at present, which increases the risk of daily use. If particulate matter enters, it is easy to cause wear and tear on the screen.


Outside the screen, it can also be seen from the poster that when MateX2 is closed, the hinge part also achieves a seamless effect, and the whole phone is more integrated. For folding screen mobile phones, the hinge is the key, it will not only affect whether the screen will be scratched but also affect the durability of the whole phone. It is not difficult to see that compared to previous generations of folding screen products, the hinge of Huawei MateX2 adopts a more innovative design method, which can greatly improve the ease of use and durability of the product. In a sense, this will also push folding screen products to larger-scale mass production, so that more people can afford folding screen products.


Although Huawei has officially released limited information about MateX2, some related patents have been exposed on the Internet. According to the company’s investigation, Huawei recently disclosed a new patent for folding screens, which can prevent the screen panel from being stretched or squeezed during the folding process by optimizing the connection of various components, thereby reducing the crease problem of the folding screen. And some time ago, Huawei also applied for a patent for repairing methods and equipment for glass screen scratches. If this patent is also used on MateX2, will it be very fragrant? Seeing this, people who have always wanted to start with folding screens but are concerned about the crease problem can rest assured.


It is certain now that Huawei MateX2 has made many innovations in hinges, which can make MateX2 seamless when closed, and also improve the ease of use and durability of the folding screen. Just as Lee Xiaolong, vice president of Huawei’s mobile phone product line, said, Huawei MateX2 has introduced many unique innovations and has also undergone a comprehensive improvement in the core experience. It is the most powerful flagship that it deserves. With many innovations and the Kirin 9000 processor that has been validated by the market, Huawei MateX2 will open a new folding road for Huawei. Let’s look forward to it.