IKEA launched the INS style USB charger, the white color and cork surround are too textured

Since working at home, we have begun to pay attention to the supplies at home, whether it is a small night light, INS calendar, small pillow, curtain, or electrical appliances, we always want to change the mood or the overall atmosphere of the room.

When it comes to buying daily necessities, IKEA will definitely come to our minds. Not only does it have a wide selection of products, but the colors and designs are in line with the simple aesthetics pursued by modern people, so it is deeply loved by everyone. This time they launched a new product, extending the simplicity of IKEA to the charger, even a small charger must be very INS style!

NORDMÄRKE USB charger is a must-have product for modern people. One charger has 3 USB sockets, which is very convenient. The white appearance and the cork periphery are simple and very high-end. It has its own beauty in any corner, and it can make the charging cable more neatly placed.

In addition to USB chargers, this series also introduces wireless chargers. It also has a white appearance and a cork exterior. It can easily charge when the phone is placed on it. When it is not charging, it is a very nice little decoration.
You may want to say that a charger can only charge one mobile phone, which is not very practical. If it is three charging pads, shouldn’t it be enough? IKEA also launched a wireless charger with 3 pads, so that everyone can charge together.
The NORDMÄRKE USB charger is priced at US$14.99 (approximately RM61.68), the wireless charger is priced at US$16.99 (approximately RM69.90), the 3 pad wireless charger is priced at US$39.99 (approximately RM164.50). At present, this series has been on the shelves abroad, and it is expected that it will be sold in Malaysia by then.