iOS 15.7.1 Release Candidate Breaking Face ID for Some iPhone Users

The iOS 15.7.1 release candidate, released earlier this week, appears to prevent Face ID from working on at least some iPhones, according to user reports on Reddit and Twitter. Affected devices include at least the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro models, but other models are likely to be affected as well.

Affected users who tried to reset Face ID on iPhones received a “Face ID not available” error, resulting in a complete disruption of facial recognition. It’s unclear what the cause of the problem was, or if Apple was aware of the problem.

The release candidate usually ends up being the same as the final version of an iOS update, but Apple may release a new release candidate with fixes ahead of the expected release of iOS 15.7.1 to the public next week.

Some users aren’t interested in updating to iOS 16, so it’s important that Apple addresses this in iOS 15.7.1. There are also devices that are compatible with iOS 15 but not iOS 16, including the iPhone 6s, iPhone‌ 6s Plus, first-generation iPhone SE, seventh-generation iPod touch, ‌iPhone‌ 7, and ‌iPhone‌ 7 Plus.

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