iPhone 12 Evolution Edition! Realme launch conference is set for August 3rd: Android’s first magnetic wireless charger

Realme has publicly announced on social platforms a few days ago that it will hold a magnetic wireless charging launch conference on August 3 to release the first magnetic wireless charging technology in the Android camp.

Based on previous news, the Realme Flash, which has been frequently exposed recently, will also be announced at this launch conference. At present, this phone is the first Android phone known in the world to support magnetic wireless charging. It is equipped with a central location on the back. A ring-shaped magnetic area is very similar to the iPhone 12.


However, unlike the Magsafe of the iPhone 12, the Realme Flash model may bring magnetic-assisted wireless fast charging, and its charging power may reach more than 50W, which will also make it the fastest magnetic-assisted wireless charging in the world. The previous iPhone 12’s charging power was only about 10W, and it even lost power during the charging process.

According to the news, in order to perfectly achieve the effect of magnetically attracted wireless fast charging, Realme Flash is specially equipped with a wireless charger with active heat dissipation, which can not only provide high-power wireless charging effects, but also protect the phone through active heat dissipation. And the heating of the charger during use, to ensure the performance during the charging process.


In addition, taking into account factors such as portability, it is reported that Realme seems to have also launched an ultra-thin magnetic wireless charger, although only 15W of charging power, it’s sufficient to meet the needs of daily charging.

Thanks to the characteristics of magnetic attraction, Realme Flash is expected to support a very rich range of magnetic accessories, such as magnetic cardholders, magnetic radiators, etc. It is worth looking forward to.