iPhone 13 Colors for Pro Variant Leaked, New Proof of September Release Also Revealed!

As Apple speeds up for the expected September launch of the iPhone 13, more leaks emerge on the upcoming smartphone.

The latest has to do with the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max and the colors it will come in. It means that the iPhone 13 will reportedly have a wider range of colors available for users to choose than the iPhone 12. According to leaks, Apple has decided to expand on the color variety in its smart devices.

For what it is worth, previous leaks had suggested that the iPhone could come in the same color variety as the M1 iMac, red, silver, purple, blue, and green, and in addition, yellow, orange and pink. The iPhone 12 has been available in those first line colors listed, and the last three would be a first in the iPhone 13.


iPhone 13 Pro Colors Leaked: Green, Blue Dropped, Sunset Gold Coming

There were several other rumors showing that the iPhone 13 Pro would just come in the traditional white, black, blue and green colors. But new leaks surfaced claiming that the colors for the Pro line will be black, silver, sunset gold and rose gold. As such, green and blue had been discarded, and white shifted to silver.

According to the Slash Gear report, the black iPhone 13 Pro is certain. It cited a supply chain source from China  suggesting that the rose gold variant would be very pale and sunset gold would have a bronze feel.


Apple Orders 90 Million iPhone 13 Units

With the huge expansion of colors, more leaks reveal a strong push for a September release for the iPhone 13. Apple is also said to be ramping up production for the units.

According to the report, Apple has put in an order with suppliers to increase production of iPhone 13 units by 20 percent. This is seen to result in iPhone 13 shipments topping 90 million units by the end of 2021. Apple normally orders about 75 million new iPhoes during launches normally set from September to the later part of each year.

This comes as Apple expects strong revenue results with the iPhone 13 launch, given the expected sales upsurge as more users have upgraded to 5G and the mouthwatering new features that would come with it.


Offering the same sizes as the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 will carry a smaller display notch, and other impressive enhancements to the camera, displays, and processors. One of the upcoming new iPhones will have a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) display, which adjusts refresh rates to save on battery power.

For the cameras, the iPhone 13 is rumored to include an optical zoom for video, amongst other features, such as Portrait Mode video ideal for Instagram and TikTok posts. It will also reportedly carry large, upgraded MagSafe for faster wireless charging.

Of course, all these are rumors as of now. Remember to take these information with a grain of salt until Apple makes its official announcement.