iPhone 13’s biggest bug has been fixed! Apple released iOS 15.0.1 version!

Last week, Apple officially launched new systems such as iOS 15 and iPad OS 15, WatchOS 8, bringing many new functions and a few interface improvements. This is also the best companion for iPhone 13.

It should be noted that after the iPhone 13 was released, many users found that there were many bugs in the series, some of which were very difficult to use.

For example, the Apple Watch cannot be unlocked, which makes it impossible for users under the epidemic to wear a mask to unlock the iPhone, which is very inconvenient and greatly affects the user experience.

In addition, there are still many users who have been reminding that the iPhone’s storage space is insufficient, but in fact there is still a lot of available space, which makes many users very headaches and collapses.

In this regard, Apple also officially pushed the iOS 15.0.1 version of the system today, a week later, to fix the above two problems, which can also be regarded as filling the biggest loopholes in the iPhone 13 series and solving the two major problems that most affect the use.


But it should be noted that Apple still has not been able to solve all the defects of the iPhone 13, such as the automatic macro function that has been complained by a large number of users.

Although Apple is to provide users with a more natural experience and more convenient operation, the lack of a manual mode switch is still very frustrating. It will switch to macro when you are close to the subject, regardless of whether you want to take any picture.

Earlier, Apple said that it has listened to the voice of users and will improve and fix it in the future, but currently this version has not made any changes.

However, this is not a loophole, but a planning issue of Apple. At present, Apple’s first priority is to solve the bugs that affect the use first.